I’m not sure if I have this Word-Pressy-Thingy on. Oh well. My back hurts. My butt hurts. This office chair is like sitting on a cement block. I say this because I ain’t about to figure out how to use the settings on this blog. At least, not tonight.

I’ve worked 67 hours since March 23rd on the OYOU. I’m telling you this because if I hated it, I would have felt those hours in my heart. I love it so I don’t feel the hours. I only feel the chair, or lack thereof.

I did a bunch of interviews this week for my music career. I hate those sometimes. Some were okay and some felt like a half a day a piece. There I said it. And I’m still alive. It’s not the nicest thing to say, but talking nonstop about my own arse to someone that could care less ain’t exactly fun. I don’t hate ALL interviews. Just stupid ones. In prehistoric days I sent CDs to the person that was going to interview me. They were listened to before the interview was conducted. Okay, maybe not all of the time. But still I sent’ em. Nonetheless, the person conducting the interview was pretty enthusiastic about chatting with me. And me? I was pretty damn happy that my work had been deemed worthy enough to feature. With the rise of digital music, about four years ago I quit sending physical CDs. But those days the person doing the interview at least read your bio, or mini bio, or at least had the gumption to listen to your music online. Feign like they cared. These days? Nope. Some folks seem okay to snatch awkward live photos off Google and slap them up online to promote their show. They are okay with having absolutely no idea what kind of music I do or what kind of words I write. And when that’s the case, why should I not be allowed to have some fun with it?  What’s the point of even talking to me? The next time I’m in this situation, I’m gonna say I clog and sing Yiddish country jazz ballads. I’m down with that. Anything but being an active participant in APATHY. I’m out of time to waste time.

There are typos in this post and I care. But I’m tired and I can’t find my readers. That means it is what it is. Spellcheck is my worst (enema) (stole this).

I’m here this weekend …

Crossroads Music Company & Listening Room
201 N. Davis Street , Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
903-342-1854 Set: 7:30 PM
Workshop is 1:00 to 4:00 Sunday and see their website!


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