Terri Hendrix has always preferred to celebrate the light rather than wallow in the blues — but she’s no stranger to facing the dark head-on. On the new Cry Till You Laugh, the award-winning Texas songwriter’s 14th release on her own homegrown Wilory Records label, Hendrix once again spins sorrow into joy and wrings wisdom from the blues with the poetic grace and uplifting melodic flair that has long been her trademark. A classically trained vocalist and deft multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin and harmonica), Hendrix is also a firm believer in the theory that “life’s too short for one genre,” dodging musical pigeonholes by weaving folk, pop, country, blues and swinging jazz into an eclectic style all her own that plays like a lovingly compiled (and delightfully surprising) mix-CD. Add to that her charismatic stage presence and reputation for always delivering an energetic and spiritually uplifting live show (from intimate listening rooms to huge outdoor festivals), and it’s no wonder why the Terri Hendrix “experience” has been embraced by thousands of loyal fans across the country and around the globe. As one critic once put it so well in Harp magazine, “Anyone with a heart is hooked.”

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